SAPITA MUSIC STUDIOS is capable of simultaneously tracking 16 tracks of audio. 16 Tracks will comfortably record bands of 4-5 members, including a full drum kit, guitars, keys, bass, and multiple vocalists.

Whether you’re a one man/woman show or an indie rock band, I’m ready to flex projects to work for you.

Sessions are tracked in real time with 16 channels of line level audio via the UAD Apollo 16x DSP outboard A/D converter. Likewise, preamp, EQ, dynamics, and compression processing is completed in real time with studio classic analog emulations through the Apollo unit.

SAPITA MUSIC STUDIOS is a hybrid recording studio, meaning there is no use of a “traditional” recording console. While I was routinely schooled on massive analog recording consoles, I have adopted a more lean approach to tracking that is equally efficient and effective. UAD’s acclaimed Console application, in partnership with the Apollo, allows me to conquer this approach.

Beyond tracking, all sessions are composed, recorded, mixed, and mastered in Ableton Live 11 Suite.

Whether you just need one clean vocal take, or a collection of new stems recorded from scratch, this studio has something for you.

All sessions are proctored and engineered by me! Please see examples below for common use of studio space, as well as frequent artist testimonials to the studio.



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